Monday, August 26, 2013

Gut Bacteria and Mast Cells: My current model for my illness

Current model of my specific illness: mold + bacterial infection in India=> dysfunctional gut microbiome=> mast cell activation, immune dysregulation, food intolerances, major inflammatory symptoms

As is often the case I have been meaning to write a comprehensive blog post for awhile but for now will write some notes.

I am always looking for a model that covers all of my symptoms/test results and can also explain the differing symptoms that other people have.  I think gut bacteria-gone-wild is the best model.

From my perspective, Ken Lassesen has the best theory (see:

A stable dysfunction of gut bacteria can explain every symptom that I have.  It can explain chronic yeast and viral infections as well.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Align probiotics work much better for me than any other probiotic.  Guess what probiotic was found in a recent study to lower TNF-a and IL-6 in CFS patients?  If you guessed Align (B. infantis 35624) you win!

To get even more technical, check out for a discussion of how gut bacteria can affect mast cells which, as I've discussed before, release many of the inflammatory mediators that have been found to be high in CFS.

More to come once I finish a project I foolishly said yes to before going into remission like Ken.

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  1. I absolutely think mast cells are implicated in M.E. I've written a blog post to this effect at which I've sent to a leading ME researcher in the hopes he can get someone working in the ME field interested in at least looking into this avenue! Jak